Brent Nyberg

Office: 435-674-4343

Cell: 435-773-8102

Fax: 435-674-1084


About Brent

Brent enjoys working with people on things that truly matter to them. He believes there are few things more fundamental than the purchase or sale of one’s home or investment property.

As an Advanced Realty Team agent, he brings together years of experience in small business, residential, and commercial real estate investment. He learned real estate investment from personal experience. As a home builder in southern Utah for over 20 years he has obtained the knowledge to help his clients achieve their goals, and work under just about any deadline. Working as a small business owner, he developed marketing, community development and customer-service skills that made Brent a respected member of the southern Utah community.

Brent joined The Advanced Realty team of agents because he believes in its mission to create a strong and vibrant community with housing options for each individual home buyer.

Brent is a knowledgeable advocate for his clients; he provides them with real estate expertise to make their transactions go smoothly and close successfully.

Along with work, Brent fills his life with family, friends, and giving back to the community. Occasionally he takes the chance to travel. He is a dedicated football coach; and enjoys spending time with local athletes.

“My clientele personally believe in the expertise that I provide, how I provide it and the enormous benefits they receive from it.” — Brent Nyberg