Kaleb Leavitt

Office: 435-674-4343

Email: kaleb@advancedrealty.com

About Kaleb

I’m currently on track to become a Broker in the coming years. Recently, I successfully completed the Arti Academics free real estate pre-licensing course and passed the Real Estate exam, earning my Utah sales agent designation. Holding a degree in Business Administration from Dixie State University (now known as Utah Tech University) in 2023, I prioritize continuous growth by staying updated with the latest technology, programs, and industry trends. My dedication and focus drive me toward achieving my ambitions. Back in 2017, I played a pivotal role, both individually and as part of a team, in leading the Dixie high school baseball team to victory and clinching a state championship. My enthusiasm for innovation motivates me to find more efficient approaches through the exploration of new technologies and experimenting with streamlined methods.

Some of my hobbies include photography, wake surfing, and hunting. Each of my hobbies allow me to explore new ideas and challenge myself to continually improve.