Kaleb Leavitt

Office: 435-674-4343

Email: kaleb@advancedrealty.com

About Kaleb

I am currently working on becoming a Broker within the next few years. I recently finished the Arti Academics free real estate pre-licensing course and passed the Real Estate exam to become a Utah sale agent. I graduated from Dixie State University, known now as Utah Tech University, majoring in Business Administration in 2023. I am always learning and adapting to new ideas and environments by staying up to date with the latest technology, programs, and news outlooks in the industry. I am very dedicated and focused on achieving my goals. I worked individually and with the team to help take Dixie high school baseball team to win a state championship in 2017. I like to be innovative to create more efficient ways of doing things by exploring new technology and experimenting to simplify tasks.


Some of my hobbies include photography, wake surfing, and hunting. Each of my hobbies allow me to explore new ideas and challenge myself to continually improve.